experten netwerk. om zelfredzaamheid, weerbaarheid te verhogen.

Cyber veiligheids expertise om de maturiteit te verhogen weerbaarheid te stimuleren KMO's te ontzorgen digitaal veiliger te werken

Your Trusted Security Coach

As you can't know everything yourself.

Because we believe in self-reliance and resilience

You can do security!
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Implement appropriate GDPR controls

Because you struggle with implementing the GDPR

You want a pragmatic actionable approach

a pragmatic and effective approach and fast measurable results
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Ask an IT security expert for advice

Have a chat with one of our sparring partners.

No other constraints

a personal, confidential call with one of our experts
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Management support. Your CI(S)O & IT coach

We help you to manage YOUR information / cyber security challenges


It's all about you, your priorities at your pace
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Technical Security Assessments "TESTMINUTE"

We can help you with assessing your security maturity or a specific technical area.

We will suggest matters for improvement

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Short Trainings Effective Awareness

Speed up the learning and awareness curve.

Because the essence of knowledge matters​

timeboxed, half a day, 1 or 2 days, spread over several weeks trainings... at your speed.
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Packaged Solutions to make you self reliant

A packaged, well thought kit

Because you want to do it yourself

ISO 27X starterkit. Ciso as-a-service. DPO as-a-service. 60 CyberMinutes a week. GDPR Kit…
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Cyber veiligheids advies of coaching nodig?

Een persoonlijke, vertrouwelijk gesprek met één van onze experten... uw veiligheid is belangerijk, aarzel niet ons te contacteren zelf indien het maar voor een paar uur is.
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